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Dora’s Devastating Flames

(Photo Creds: Giphy)

Dora the explorer took her latest adventure to a whole new level. However, what unfolded was beyond the realm of the ordinary. Transforming into a tropical storm, Dora set in motion a series of events that unleashed devastating winds, sparking immensely destructive wildfires across Hawaii. The aftermath has left hundreds of individuals missing, and countless more without the refuge of their homes. The relentless fires spared no mercy, engulfing homes, stores, cherished historic landmarks, and even the once-majestic hotels, reducing them to charred remains.

Even more disheartening, is that one of the oldest trees in Hawaii and the US, the Lahaina's banyan tree, has potentially been burned beyond recovery. While tropical storms are no stranger to the islands, it’s apparent that these extreme changes in weather patterns are a direct result of climate change.

While the colonizers wheep the loss of their vacations 🙄, it’s important to remember there are thousands of Native Hawaiian’s dealing with something far more devastating than we could imagine. They've lost their homes, which hold not just memories but generations of love and history. It's more than just a change of address; it's a piece of their heart and culture being uprooted. These wildfires have added a chilling chapter to the story of their home.

Dora might have gone wild on her map adventure, but we've got some exploring to do too – exploring how we can make a difference, even from a distance. The Hawaii Community Foundation is currently working to collect donations to help support the recovery needed in the city of Maui. Let's show some love to Hawaii, spread awareness, and prove that our generation's got the power to fight climate craziness.


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