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What is The GPE National Community?

a FREE membership created by and for Black and Brown women and non-binary individuals interested in learning more about environmental justice, effective advocacy strategies, and how to empower their local communities to stand up for environmental justice. GPENC was created in order to educate, engage, and empower Black and Brown girls, women, and non-binary individuals across the country who have traditionally been left out of environmental justice work to stand up for environmental justice in their own neighborhoods and across the nation.

But, is it for me? What will I gain by becoming a member?

Yes, the GPE National Community is definitely for you! But you can check out our check list just to make sure:

  • I identify as a Black or Brown individual

  • I identify as a woman or non-binary individual

  • I want to learn more about environmental justice and how I can get more involved in the movement

  • I'm looking for a bomb a** community of other Black and Brown women and non-binary individuals who are also interested in finding their place in the environmental justice movement


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