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Why Give To GPE?

GPE is committed to getting Black + Brown girls, women, and non-binary individuals more engaged in the environmental justice movement. Too often, we are silenced or not even invited into conversations that impact us the most. This isn't fair. GPE realized that if we helped to build a generation of Black + Brown girl, women, and non-binary individuals who are woke on all issues pertaining to environmental justice, then our voices will have to be heard. 

Your financial contribution helps us to continue reaching Black + Brown girls, women, and non-binary individuals across the country. We currently have a community of over 1,300 individuals and we hope to double this number by the end of 2023. We create toolkits, resources, digital campaigns, host trainings, internships, and ambassador programs. Help build the next generation of Black and Brown EJ activists!

Why Give to GPE
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