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Protecting Our Energy

Empowering Black + Brown Women + Non-binary folx

to stand up for energy justice

The Protecting our Energy Project actively involves Black and Brown women in meaningful local energy discussions, initiatives, decision-making processes, and solutions. We organize informative trainings, mobilize individuals to engage their communities in energy policy matters, and spearhead digital campaigns, all with the aim of empowering those who are disproportionately affected by energy inequities. Our ultimate goal is to enable our communities to advocate for clean and equitable energy initiatives that prioritize the specific needs of marginalized communities.


WTF Happened

In 2022, Georgia Power proposed a 12% rate increase for all its residential ratepayers. While a 12% rate increase was not approved, with a 4-1 vote, the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) did approve an increase of 2.8% which began in January of 2023. This was initially considered a win, but in April of 2023, Georgia Power went back to the PSC to request additional funds from ratepayers to account for fuel costs and to pay for nuclear plant Vogtle which is already 16 billion dollars over budget. In 2024 and 2025, an additional rate increase of 4.5% is also expected.


It’s evident that our work is not done and that community mobilization is more important than ever. Georgia Power is going to keep pushing for rate increases if our communities don’t stop them. Our community is eager to intensify their engagement in clean, equitable energy policy.

What We Did

In August 2022, we disseminated a survey to a cohort of Black women in Atlanta to understand what they knew about energy burden and the Georgia Rate Case. Only 6% of the participants indicated knowing anything about the Rate Case. After learning this, we created a cohort of 25 Black women in Atlanta to learn about energy burden and get involved in local energy policy. At the completion of the cohort, 89% of participants indicated now feeling empowered to talk to their community about energy policy. This was a huge accomplishment, but our work isn’t done. Our community is eager and feel empowered to intensify their own engagement and their community’s engagement in this case and energy policy beyond.

Well, What's Next?

  • Summer/ Fall 2023: GPE is launching another training program (more info coming soon!)

  • Fall 2023/ Winter 2024: GPE will be supporting mini projects to engage as many Atlantans in local energy policy

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Join the Campaign on IG

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Did you know that Black Americans, Latinx, and Low Income individuals pay the most of their overall income on their energy bills? That's called "energy burden" and it's an issue Girl Plus Environment is tackling head on with our Protecting Our Energy project. 

This in person series will help metro- Atlanta residents work to reduce their energy burden and prevent Georgia Power from raising our bills. Be sure to hit up @girlplusenvironment to see how you can plug in! 

#protectingourenery #dontraisemybill

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Did you know Atlanta is one of the top 5 energy burdened cities in the U.S.? Click the link above to discover more.

Reducing energy burden requires a mixture of individual and systemic changes. One systemic way is through renewable infrastructure. Click the link to check out more.

The Sierra Club lays out their campaign to get Georgia to turn away from Coal Energy

The American Council for Energy Efficient Economy breaks down what Energy Burden looks like across low income families in major cities in the U.S.

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