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A Crash Course in Energy 101: A Transformative Learning Experience with Middle School Students

By Autumn McNeill

Embarking on the mission to enlighten young minds about the intricacies of energy, I proudly hosted the captivating event, "A Crash Course in Energy 101," at the esteemed Sutton Middle School, nestled at 4360 Powers Ferry Rd, Atlanta, GA 30327.

From 9:00 am to 12:30 pm, the vibrant corridors of Sutton Middle School echoed with the enthusiasm of over fifty (50) sixth-grade students, eagerly engaging with a comprehensive lesson on energy presented through a dynamic Google Slides presentation. The inquisitive minds were guided by a dedicated instructor, Ms. Ashleigh Rivera, who welcomed the opportunity for me to enlighten her students.

The interactive session delved into essential topics such as the essence of energy, diverse energy sources, the profound impacts of energy on human life, and the intricate realm of energy policy. Tailoring the presentation to the students' fresh perspective, a brief overview preceded the exploration of energy policy, given that the subject had not yet graced their science curriculum.

The atmosphere buzzed with curiosity as students actively participated, posing questions about energy harnessing, the correlation between inflation and energy prices, and the annual rise in energy costs. The event aimed not only to impart knowledge but also to instill a sense of responsibility, prompting discussions on energy conservation practices.

The highlight of the event was the engaging quiz where students, organized into table teams of six (6), showcased their newfound knowledge. Questions covered each facet of the presentation, testing their understanding of energy sources, consumption patterns, and even delving into the realm of Georgia's energy rate decisions.

The quiz, though initially a challenge in teamwork, became a collaborative journey as students embraced the importance of unity. Candy boxes awaited the winning teams, adding a sweet reward to their educational triumph. All materials used during the course were generously gifted to the classroom, ensuring a lasting impact for future educational endeavors.

The event closed on a high note, leaving students inspired and informed about energy as both a scientific concept and a crucial political issue. As an Energy Justice Ambassador of Girl Plus Environment, I eagerly anticipate witnessing the continued impact and growth of their initiatives within the Youth community of Georgia. Excited to continue sowing the seeds of a sustainable future!


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