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The 'Must Have' Starter Pack for All EJ Activists

We're giving you all the life hacks here. Check em out!

1. A bomb a** therapist

NORMALIZE GOING TO THERAPY (especially in Black and Brown families)! Activism is stressful. We're always worried about fighting for others, but if we don't fight for ourselves first, we're useless. We all need someone to talk to and help guide us through our own issues. Get you a therapist. Period.

Better Help is an amazing platform of therapists that are completely online.

2. A Community of other EJ Activists

You can't do it alone! OK-- maybe some of you "can", but it is not advised to do so. There are other activists out there fighting for similar issues. Sometimes we need to vent to other people who can relate to what we're experiencing or even just be in your corner cheering you on. Lean on those people!

One of our favorite EJ community groups is Black Girl Environmentalist. Know any others? Let us know in the comments below!

3. H20 + your reusable water bottle

If you don't do anything, puh-lease stay hydrated. Coffee is great, but water keeps us energized and healthy. We just can't be out here advocating without being hydrated. It just doesn't work out for us. #DrinkYourWaterSis. And since we're besties with our friend earth, a reusable water bottle is definitely top tier.

4. A Break

That's it. That's the post. Take a break, there's nothing else to say here. This was your sign to take one if you were debating it.

But seriously, take a break. GPE takes each December off to regroup and refresh. It's important especially since burn out is so common for activists. Even if you can't take a whole month off, schedule breaks into your day or even pick one day out of the week where you just chill or do something you enjoy.

5. Positivity

Okay, this might sound so cliche, but it's definitely true.

In a sector like this one where climate change is knocking on our front door and Black people are still being murdered by police left and right, we have to find something to keep us going. It's hard. But we have to have to acknowledge the things that are going well in life. We need to celebrate even the small wins because if not, we'll get discouraged and burned out. Take some time today and reflect on all the good things that happened this week.

What's in your EJ Activist Starter Pack? Let us know your top 5 in the comments!


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