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In addition to the work we do for and with our national community of Black and Brown girls, women, and non-binary individuals, we work as trusted environmental justice and equity consultants in partnership with academic institutions, governments, companies, and organizations that are ready to commit to prioritizing the health and wellbeing of Black and Brown communities.

Services We Provide


Led by Diamond Spratling, MPH, environmental justice and health equity subject matter expert, GPE is well positioned to provide effective guidance and technical assistance to organizations and businesses ready to integrate an environmental justice and equity lens into their work.

In her seven years in the sector, Diamond has supported various projects for organizations such as:

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Bloomberg Associates

  • City of Atlanta

  • Greenlink Analytics

  • West Michigan Environmental Action Council

  • International Society for Urban Health

  • World Health Organization

  • Climate Advocacy Lab

Our interdisciplinary team at GPE, is significantly positioned to:

  • Use Place-Based Data to Prioritize Communities with the Greatest Needs

    • In combination with our GIS mapping skills, quantitative analytics expertise, and community engagement experience, we are equipped to help organizations use place-based data to understand their communities' needs and develop data-driven solutions that prioritize their communities.

  • Conduct Environmental Justice + Equity Audits

    • We help businesses and organizations to define their equity goals, identify gaps in achieving those goals, and explore opportunities to be more equitable in their internal and external practices. GPE uses our in-house environmental justice and equity audits to evaluate successes and areas of improvement for organizations + businesses positioned to prioritize their surrounding communities.

  • Develop Effective Programs + Curricula

    • We help organizations and businesses to build out effective environmental justice + equity driven programs that address the needs of Black and Brown communities. We also help academic institutions integrate and build out environmental justice courses and curricula within their environmental and sustainability programs. We recently built a course for Bowling Green State University's Upward Bound Program. 

  • Develop Digital Content to Help Translate Environmental Information

    • Translating technical and very scientific climate and environmental data can be very tricky. It's actually a huge downfall for many environmental organizations. How can we expect the average person to understand and care about environmental issues if we don't communicate it in a way that intrigues them? If you've haven't noticed, GPE is very intentional in how we communicate and share environmental information. We can do this for your organization too! GPE uses our digital communications and marketing expertise to create fact sheets, social media content, and short articles for organizations looking to engage communities who traditionally don't engage in the environmental justice movement.

  • Help Cities to Develop Equitable Climate Action, Clean Energy, or Health Plans

    • Cities are racing to develop Clean Energy Plans, Climate Action Plans, and Emergency Health Plans, but many of these plans only use one section to mention or address equity. Equity can't be addressed in one paragraph. Equity plans should be prioritized and integrated all throughout your written plans (and then executed properly). Bring our team in (not at the end of the process) to help your city to transform your Climate Action Plan to an Equitable Climate Action Plan: A Plan Centering our Climate Strategies Driven by thee Needs of our Most Climate Vulnerable Communities.

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