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Protecting Our Energy

The Protecting our Energy Project works to educate, engage, and empower Black and Brown women and non-binary individuals to become more aware of the impacts of energy burden and how we can lower our energy bills, engage in Georgia’s Rate Case, and feel empowered to advocate for clean energy initiatives that prioritize the needs of low-income Black and Brown communities.


Get the scoop on how Georgia Power is trying to raise our energy bills. More importantly, learn how we can stop them!

Hear from amazing Black and Brown leaders in the sector who are fighting for energy justice. Connect with other amazing folx in the city.


Learn about effective advocacy strategies and ways to get involved in energy justice work in Atlanta and #StopGAPower


About The Workshop Series

What You'll Learn

Speakers You Can Expect to Hear From

What You'll Gain

  • Adrienne Rice and Ty Wilson with Sustainable Georgia Futures

  • Chandra Farley with The Good Energy Project

  • Maggie Kelley Riggins with Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance

  • Kyra Stephenson-Valley with Climate Power

  • A deep-dive of energy policy in Georgia (the same policies that determine how much you'll pay in energy bills next year)

  • In introduction of the process of Georgia Power's Rate Case and it's connect to the Public Service Commission (the commission you vote for)

  • An understanding of energy justice and how decisions around energy disproportionately impacts Black and Brown women and non-binary folx

  • Financial support to help cover your next energy bill

  • Effective insights, resources, and strategies to help you to mobilize your family and neighbors to stand up for energy justice and to say NO to a bill increase

  • An opportunity to network and connect with leaders working to address energy inequities in Atlanta

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